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.RATES— Charging by the hour(4 hrs minimum) , by crew, by person, per


It is the Customer’s responsibility to select and agree to your valuation coverage before your move is scheduled. You must either accept the full valuation coverage, if offered by the Company, at the current price the Company offers, or waive the full valuation coverage and accept the standard released valuation coverage at the current industry specified rate.


In addition to labor time, the estimated travel time is charged to cover the time from the carrier’s warehouse to the point of origin and again from the point of destination back to the mover’s terminal. A máximun of 1-hour travel is charged on all local moves. Our travel time is non-negotiable and is based upon truck routing software that calculates the fastest route based upon our route restrictions

.DEPOSIT —We require a non-refundable deposit of $150 before the move. If, for any reason, the Customer reschedules or cancels the move on the moving date and our movers have already left our parking lot, we shall keep the above amount which will be used to cover our expenses incurred as a result of such a short-notice cancellation.

.ESTIMATES — the estimates based upon the Movers previous Experience( these estimates are subject to change.) an estimate based on a given inventory and information about the place where the client moves to the new address(what floor, number of stairs, elevator and how far the truck is parked.)

.BILL OF LADING — the contract between the mover and the customer also acts has a receipt

(It’s important to understand everything on the Bill of landing before you sign it.)

.FURNITURE PROTECCIÓN — the customers furniture shall be covered with moving pads( blankets),tape,and shrink-wrapped to insure no damage is done to the customer’s property,during the move.if the customer refuses the packing and /or the wrapping, needs to sing a damage/liability waiver or we reserve the right to cancel

.EXCLUSIONS: Furniture composed of particle board or pressboard. Lamps, lampshades, pictures, tv’s, mirrors, artwork, glass, marble, vases or statues not packed/created by MS MOVERS LLC. Items found broken in boxes not packed by MS MOVERS LLC. Damage from Mold, Mildew, Insects or Pests. Mechanical condition of electronics, audio/visual, computer or battery operated equipment in transit or storage. Previously damaged or repaired items. Previously damaged or loose veneer. Furniture with the original glue dried out. Any loose items not boxed or properly packed by shipper. Plants (Live, Artificial or Dried). If one item in a set is damaged, only that one item is covered, not the entire set.

Perishable articles or articles of high value will not be accepted for shipment unless otherwise provided: Bank bills, coin or currency, deeds, notes, drafts or valuable papers of any kind, jewelry, postage stamps, stamp collections, revenue stamps, uncrated glass,

granite, marble or slate table tops. letters or packets of letters, precious stones, or articles manufactured therefrom or perishable articles.


Shipper must notify the move consultant of all bulky or fragile items prior to your move date. Items that are extremely fragile may require special handling, and therefore need to be noted on this order for service. The carrier will not accept for shipment property liable to damage equipment or other property. The carrier will not accept for shipment articles which cannot be taken from the premises without damage to the article or the premises. Speak with your sales representative to get the most up to date pricing on bulky items.

.ELECTRONICS — We shall not be responsible for any all electrical and mechanical damage to any and all items we move since we do not know their electrical and mechanical condition before the moving job


(Our trucks only carry a small inventory of moving supplies.)

Packing supplies and packing of items into boxes is not included in a full-service move unless purchased and listed on this estimate. We sell moving boxes and packing supplies of all sizes. Please notify your consultant if you would like to purchase packing supplies.

Packing services are billed at an additional charge for the box, packing materials plus the hourly packing labor if requested and are not part of the standard full-service


The carrier is not liable for boxes packed by the shipper. If items are not properly packed by the shipper our movers will alert you and will pack them correctly to avoid any damage. You will be charged for any packing service additionally at the time of delivery. Please pack with sturdy materials and with all box and bin tops taped shut to avoid loss or damage. We have the right to refuse to load articles that are not safe to move,


This move estimate must state Binding Flat Rate for your price to be binding. Your binding price is based on the exact inventory submitted. You must estimate your box count. If your final box count is more or less than originally listed, your charges will be adjusted when you contact your relocation consultant at least 24 hours prior to our moving team’s arrival. If you need to add/delete items, please contact your sales rep to make changes. If the shipper adds additional items at the time of the move, the shipper agrees to pay for the additional items. If paying with a cash, certified funds or credit card, the shipper agrees to pay the binding flat rate estimate listed above in full 48 hours prior to the move date. Cash must be paid items. hours prior to the move date. Cash must be paid in full at time of arrival


The shipper is responsible for maintaining clean, safe, and sanitary moving conditions, and the dwelling must be in good repair, free from rodents, vermin, and aggressive pets. If the carrier deems the move hazardous and is willing to perform the move, we require hazard pay to complete your move. Hazard pay will be billed at double the standard hourly rate.

.CREW LEAD RESPONSIBILITY — is the only person authorized to make decisions regarding truck parking,what furniture needs to be disassembled and how to correctly pack furniture.

.INVENTORY LIST shall not be responsible for all / any items misplaced or lost during the move, except when we have an inventory list filled out before the move. The time spent to fill out the inventory list shall be charged on our hourly basis. Upon completion of the move, the Customer shall be solely responsible for inspecting the truck in terms of items left inside the truck.

.FULL SERVICE MOVING — packing loading and unpacking in that case the move will take more than one day, them a separate moving agreement shall be signed every additional day In such a case the customer shall pay at the end of each moving day. (At least we accidentally broke it.)


The shipper is responsible for reimbursing the carrier for all necessary tolls, ferry charges, parking tickets or parking fees advanced by the carrier.

.PAYMENT– The customer shall pay the full cost of the moving job right after the end of the job. If the full amount is not paid upon completion of the move we reserve the right to submit your case to a collection agency of our choice within 30 days of the last moving day.

Payment for our moving service shall be made by the Customer in CASH, DEBIT CARD OR CREDIT CARD. NO PERSONAl OR BUSINESS CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED..

.IN CASE– where the Customer and/or his relatives, friends, etc. help our movers to load and/or unload the truck, we shall not be held responsible either for the moving quality, losses and/or damages which can occur during such move.


Shippers are responsible for the disconnect/reconnect of all appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators and electric stoves. WE DO NOT DISCONNECT ELECTRIC, NATURAL GAS or PROPANE APPLIANCES.


Links to the Site are permitted unless MS MOVERS LLC authorizes for removal. You are not permitted to impersonate or misrepresent members of MS MOVERS LLC for any reason.

You are not permitted to forge TCP & IP headers for emails or posts.

.INTRASTATE MOVE — Movement of goods within the boundaries of a single state.

.INTERSTATE MOVE— The moving of household goods across state lines. Interstate moving is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).